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To find the right loan and getting approved for a deal is more difficult when your credit score is on the lower side. Understandably, major loan providers in the UK will most likely refuse borrowers with bad credit a personal loan because of the high risks lenders have to handle. Thankfully, there are loan alternatives (logbook loans) offering customers like you a quick and convenient solution to any immediate financial emergency.

What are logbook loans?

If you have bad credit and you’re in need of quick cash, bad credit logbook loans are worth checking out. Logbook loans are offered for people of legal age who live in the United Kingdom and who has a vehicle they can use to secure the personal loan. In essence, you’ll be converting the value on your vehicle into cash allowing you to take care of a wide array of financial needs. Your lender won’t take your car, just your car’s V5 documents along with other requirements including MOT certificate, insurance, bank details and more.

Who is Redrige Loans?

When it comes to the best logbook loan packages, Redrige Loans is a leading name you can trust. Focused on our simple mission to help, we have established this website to make it easier for borrowers no matter where you are in UK and no matter your credit score to avail an affordable logbook loan deal. We’ve struck key partnerships with the best suppliers and providers in the market to ensure that you’ll have plenty of deals to choose from. We also have experts ready to offer expert advice in case you need assistance or you don’t know where to start.

What we are good at

At Redrige Loans, our customers’ needs and satisfaction are always on the forefront of our business. If you come to us looking for a suitable logbook loan, we’ll help you get exactly what you need and want. Rather than reject applications because of bad credit, we’ll get around the problem by connecting you to providers known for their logbook loan deals with competitive rates. With years of experience in the lending market, you can count on us to fulfill our promise every time.

We offer logbook loans from £250 to £25,000 at repayment terms from 12 months up to 36 months perfect for meeting minor and major financial emergencies.

Why choose us?

After helping thousands of borrowers across UK with the help of the best partners including, Redrige Loans is without a doubt the best name you can partner with if you’re looking for flexible, fast and affordable logbook loans. We offer free competitive quotes for all customers. Just provide us your vehicle’s registration number and we’ll give you a quote within minutes. With Redrige Loans, you can also expect same day approval for all logbook loan deals. We also guarantee no early settlement fees in case you choose to pay the loan in full earlier than the term. But more importantly, we don’t have hidden fees. You’ll get the rates as advertised and nothing more.

Apply for a logbook loan

If you’re ready to unlock the cash on your vehicle, you can get started by completing our application forms online. Fill out the form and provide the necessary information so we can quickly assess your financial situation. If you meet the basic requirements for a logbook loan, you can proceed by deciding on the amount and repayment term length. We’ll process your application immediately and we’ll confirm approval within a couple of hours usually 24 hours timeline. As soon as your loan is approved, your bank account will be credited which you can withdraw once cleared.